Rose Garden Maintenance

Roses are easy to grow and maintain. The Potomac Rose Society is available to provide help as you need it. Some of the common diseases in our area include: black spot and powdery, downy mildew. Some common pest damage can be caused by thrips, spider mites, Japanese beetles, midge, and deer. A new disease named Rose Rosette has hit our area and is caused by an insect that carries the disease from plant to plant. Visit  for extensive and reliable information. Another place to go for information is an article that was published in the Seattle Times.

If you notice a Rose Rosette on a neighbor's roses, know that the disease could also affect your roses. The disease is spread by microscopic mites. Leaf blowers are well-known to spread the mites and disease. You can alert your neighbor to the problem with this RRD Letter.

Top photo of The Dark Lady by Rich Baer