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Laguna climbing rose with Nigella damascena (foreground) and Ghislaine de Féligonde multiflora rambler with Clematis Viola.
Laguna climbing rose with Nigella damascena (foreground) and Ghislaine de Féligonde multiflora rambler with Clematis Viola

The Potomac Rose Society (PRS) serves rose enthusiasts in Washington, DC; suburban Maryland; and Northern Virginia. We are a member organization of the American Rose Society. From its beginnings in 1931, PRS has sponsored or hosted informative programs and initiatives for rose lovers:

  • Lectures and demonstrations
  • Access to advice from local rose experts
  • Bimonthly newsletter (co-published with Arlington Rose Foundation)
  • Tours of regional rose gardens
  • Rose exhibitions

Our members are rose lovers from varied backgrounds and interests. Many members and prospective members tell us they want beautiful, fragrant, environmentally sustainable, low maintenance roses!

We have responded to these requests by diversifying our programming to include more information on growing modern as well as old garden roses in the mid-Atlantic region without the use of synthetic chemicals. We sponsored two highly successful symposia on disease-resistant roses and hosted nationally-recognized speakers Peter Kukielski, Gaye Hammond, and American Rose Society President, Pat Shanley.

The Potomac Rose Society is fortunate to have a number of active and enthusiastic members who are committed to growing roses exclusively in no-spray gardens. They regularly share their experiences and insights with us. We also recognize that some rosarians will choose to use synthetic chemicals to achieve the desired level of disease and pest control.

To sum up our philosophy in a few words:

You can grow beautiful roses

It doesn’t have to be hard

You don't have to spray

There are many choices

We can help

Officers and Directors 2017

For any inquiries about the organization, please contact any of the Potomac Rose Society officers and directors listed below.

Office Name City Term End*
President Jay Jensen Rockville, MD 2017
1st Vice President Ben Hill McLean, VA 2017
2nd Vice President Lou Giacchino Silver Spring, MD 2017
Secretary Carol Edwards Washington, DC 2017
Treasurer Joe Covey Rockville, MD 2017
Director Mark Brzozowski Washington, DC 2019
Director Tina Hochberg Silver Spring, MD 2017
Director Larry Ichter Alexandria, VA 2018
Director Inez Jackson Silver Spring, MD 2017
Director Lisa Mundy Washington, DC 2018
Director Therese Nemil Mt. Rainier, MD 2019

*Terms expire on December 31 of the year listed.

Top photo of Gold Medal by Rich Baer